Pink Threads

As I sit and write this morning, a friend of mine is living her last days. I would barely call it living, as she is unconscious as her body is shutting down. She is home with family and friends and hospice is helping keep her comfortable. Breast cancer spread to her bones and brain.

pink threadsThis special friend lives in my former neighborhood and we met about 5 years ago. She was diagnosed three months before I was in 2012 and we often compared notes about our treatment. I remember a walk we took in 2013, when we were both bald. We didn’t have to talk much, but I remember doing a lot of laughing. It was freezing that day and we understood the real purpose of hair: warmth.

I’m going to miss this friend so much, but will always remember her encouragement. She rallied for 5 months after being told she had one week to live. I believe God was encouraging her to live life until He decided she had one week to live.

I noticed after my diagnosis, God placed women in my life who I needed to know. These women were and still are great gifts to me. They are like pink threads connecting me to the world. My former neighbor was an encouragement even though she was struggling more than me. She connected me to being happy no matter my circumstance in life.

Another special friend, who happens to be my boss, decided to host a “Breast Cancer Awareness Day” at work. She asked me to speak about my experience and how having annual mammograms was vitally important. Subsequently, she went to her annual mammogram and was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer. What a shock for us all.

My boss connected me to perseverance. Her company was in its infancy and she worked even though it was difficult. I’ve rarely seen anyone as steadfast. Her passion has become her business and she owns a day service for special needs adults. She is planning this year’s “Breast Cancer Awareness Day” for tomorrow and, providentially, that’s my 3rd anniversary of being diagnosed.

The third woman who has made an impact on me is an acquaintance from Lenexa. She holds a full-time job and is councilwoman. This woman has taught me about love. Amidst the rigors of breast cancer treatment such as multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, this friend has found true love. She is single and decided breast cancer would not interfere with her search for a soul mate. Her vulnerability led her to a warm, charming boyfriend.

These friends, these pink threads that have helped me make my way through cancer, are invaluable. God’s Providence put them in my path and He has tied us together with the color PINK. Thank you, Lord, for your grace and mercy. Thank you for the PINK threads in my life.

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