Mr. Dawkins, Come to Work With Me

I wish Richard Dawkins could come to work with me for just one day. I work at Willow Tree Supports, Inc. in Shawnee, KS. The address is 23733 W. 83rd Terrace. He is welcome anytime. 

Willow Tree is a day service for adults with disabilities. They offer vocational training for adults with anything ranging from Down Syndrome to MR to autism. Richard needs to come spend some time with these women and men I work with. He says they should have been aborted, but I bet if he comes to work with me, he would change his mind.

Richard Dawkins is an atheist. He is an evolutionary biologist and a writer. He is currently in the news because he tweeted that babies with Down Syndrome should be aborted. He has 1M followers on Twitter so he’s popular; however, he touched a few nerves this week with his comment.

Richard, I get up every morning just to spend my day with adults with Down Syndrome. They are the light of my life. I guess you don’t know that Down Syndrome individuals are some of the most loving people in the world. You obviously haven’t met any of them so I’d like to invite you to come by someday. 

I’d like you to meet the people I know with Down Syndrome. Most of them are male and they are loving, sweet and a joy to be around. Their life expectancy is now up to 60 years of age and they can lead successful lives. Some of them have personalities that are off-the-charts funny. Some of them are shy. They are as unique as all other individuals in this world.

One of the individuals at Willow Tree

Why do you think they should not be allowed to be born? Because they cause suffering? I don’t want to judge you, but I’ve had lots of suffering in my life and none of it was caused by a Down Syndrome child. I’ll say that just the opposite has been the case. I have received more joy from being around adults with Down Syndrome because they have a sense of humor, they don’t take themselves too seriously and they are kind. That’s more than I can say for you, Richard.

Come on by and spend the day with us. One of the men will gladly cook you a hamburger, wash your dishes and then send you home with a homemade gift from the wood working studio. You’ll have a great day and you might even change your mind about having a world that is free from Down Syndrome.