Spice of Life

Clover, 10 weeks old

No doubt about it, animals add spice to our life. Whether your family has cats, dogs, hamsters, lizards or fish, these creatures from God can provide companionship and spice to our life.

Ten years ago, our family had to find a new home for our two cats, Tiger & Lily, due to Julie’s allergies. Julie was three years old at the time and her respiratory system could not handle the cats. We were left with one dog, Loo, who is a Shih Tzu. To replace Tiger & Lily, we went through a sundry of different animals including hamsters, fish and hermit crabs.

Megan always loved fish so we let her have a fish bowl in her bedroom. One evening on the way to dinner, she put her fish in her purse so it could accompany us and not be alone. Fortunately, I found the fish floundering around in the bottom of her purse before we left the house.

I think we had 8 or 9 hamsters in all and each of their lives came to a very unhappy ending. We had added a playmate for Loo, another Shih Tzu, when Loo turned 5. This dog was a male and we named him Timber. We didn’t realize it at the time, but Timber was a hunter…of hamsters. One Friday evening while Julie was hosting a Girl Scout event at our house, Timber presented the girls with his prize catch. Timber had hunted down the hamsters, opened the cage with his paws, and bit them.

Over the past ten years, Julie’s allergic reaction to cats has changed. She was able to tolerate the cat dander and at the age of 11 she could be around cats again. This led us to visiting Kitty City in March of this year and adopting a kitten. The timing was perfect and Clover was Julie’s gift for her 13th birthday.

Hiding from the dogs

This kitten is Julie’s “baby”, but she does allow Megan and me to hang out with him some. Its playfulness and coziness provides lots of free entertainment. The unconditional love of the kitten is different from that of our dogs. Julie has a companion for life that is much more quiet than the two dogs. God’s creations are beautiful and between our dogs, kitten and multiple fish, our life is spiced up perfectly.

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