Forming A Habit

There are many habits I’ve tried to conform to in my life: exercising, flossing my teeth, saving money, reading more. There are as many opinions on forming habits as there are good habits to form. For me, starting a good habit or a new habit, so that it becomes second nature, takes time and effort. I have to desire the end result more than anything else for the habit to stick.

Prayer is something I’ve formed as a habit in my life. Daily prayer. It’s become a necessary part of my life and it’s as important as breathing. My habit is to begin each day in prayer, asking God to guide me through my day and to show me His will. I guard this time as if my life depended on it because my life does depend on God. This is my time to talk to Him.

I decided before Lent that I would make my prayer time more intentional by going to a prayer chapel each day. This extra effort would be my sacrifice during Lent to remind me of Christ’s suffering. So far, I’ve been able to keep this up for the 19 days of Lent. I was amused last week, however, when I traveled to Little Rock. This intention required me to make some detours in my trip and it made an impact on my daughters. 

On the drive from Lenexa to Little Rock, I knew if I did not stop along the way, I would not get a chance to be in a chapel. I made our stop for lunch near a Catholic Church and after we ate, I went in the church to pray. Megan and Julie knew my goal and so they did not complain (much) when I stopped. They patiently waited for me and quit asking questions. By Thursday, they knew this was going to happen each day and so they decided to join me. The three of us sat in the Adoration Chapel and prayed. 

On the way back home to Lenexa, Megan started our trip off with prayer. She asked God for safe travels and then she commented to me, “how many days are you doing this?” I told her Lent was 40 days and that’s how long I would be making my visits. She said, “you know, mom, if you do something for 3 weeks, it becomes a habit. Watch out because this might become a habit for you.”

Yes, Megan, with God’s grace, this might become a habit for me!

“Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 17)

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