Is Age A Sign of Wisdom?

There are a couple of websites I’ve visited that tell me my “real age” based on some questions I answer. These are typically health-related questions having to do with my lifestyle. Whatever number shows up as my “real age” is always humorous to me because I know my birthdate. 

Age and wisdom do not go hand in hand. Although society tells us age is wisdom, God does not tell us that. He speaks about age in the Book of Wisdom. He isn’t concerned with the number of years we’ve been on the earth, but with the condition of our soul. In the book of Wisdom, we read that “for the age that is honorable comes not with the passing of time, nor can it be measured in terms of years.” (Wisdom 4:8)

Wisdom comes from growing in spiritual maturity and age has nothing to do with it. My neighbor’s son reminded me of this ten years ago. He was seven years old at the time and he came to my back yard to play. As he was swinging, he casually mentioned that he had just finished reading the entire Bible. He said it as though every seven-year-old completes this reading assignment. 

Spiritual maturity can come in childhood. The age of our body does not determine the age of our soul as St. Therese of Lisieux showed us. She was 24 years old at the time of her death, yet she left us with a treasure chest of knowledge. Her memoirs, told in The Story of a Soul, reveal an understanding of Christ that was unknown in 1897. 

Wisdom comes from knowing God. Spend some time each day in God’s Word. Pray. Trust God.

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